Tender Ten

Schurr 77 1501 8472 Son of...

IRONWOOD TENDER TEN 1501 - 17084362

A rare calving ease find from an outfit that was the pioneer in individual feed efficiency testing. He started at just 58 lbs from an impressive dam that is as gentle, perfect uddered, easy fleshing and high quality as you can get. He weaned at 667 lbs to ratio 112. He scanned a 16.0 inch ribeye/ratio 114 and had a 106 IMF ratio.He had a 1200 lb yearling wt/ratio 105 and measured a 38.5 cm scrotal. The truly amazing part is  he did all this while consuming only 14.7 lbs of feed per day on test to give him a minus 4 RFI. He has true sleep all night calving ease with top carcass and feed efficiency. They are thick, moderate, square made and the truly feed efficient type you can build a cow herd around. His daughters in production are proving his net worth with their superior mothering ability, udder quality and milk.