Bull B -  ADG 3.26 Dry Matter Intake 22.45 lbs/day

Feed to Gain: 6.90 lbs of feed per lb of gain on a high roughage diet. RFI -2.77

Bull A - ADG 3.37 Dry Matter Intake 28.73 lbs/day

Feed to Gain: 8.23 lbs of feed per lb of gain on a high roughage diet. RFI +3.90

Which Bull Offers You Over $20,000 In Progeny Profit Or Loss?

Both bulls come off of the efficiency test at 1100 lbs

Bull B is eating 6.28 lbs less dry matter per day

This results in a minimum of $80-$120 per head savings in the feedlot and $60-$80 per year savings on daughters feed input cost without impacting performance

SIMPLE MATH Figuring Four Calf Crops

- 60 Steers & Heifers to the feedlot x $80 per head = $6,800

- 35 Heifers retained in the herd x 8 years x $60 per head = $16,800

This equals a savings of $23,000!

PLUS for every 35 daughters you retain out of Bull A, you can run 45 daughters of Bull B on exactly the same amount of grass & inputs with all their calves weighting the same. That’s 10 extra cows with free feed x 95% calf crop x 8 years x $400 each equals a savings of $30,400. This equals a grand total of $54,000!

These figures are conservative and does not consider efficiency of these more efficient cows progeny through the feedyard.