SCHURR 77 2915 7051 Son of...

ROCK’N D PROFICIENT 2915 - 16372310

ROCK’N D PROFICIENT 2915 was selected for his extreme growth, performance, maternal lineage and carcass potential. He had a minus 8.1 Residual Feed Intake meaning he ate over eight pounds of feed less per day than he should have. He had a 205 wt of 783/109, a gain ratio of 111, yearling ratio of 118, off test index 117, marbling ratio 110 and ribeye ratio 106. He is a big ribbed, extra long and extended, deep quartered bull with extreme chest width and extra body curvature and shape from end to end. With his maternal, growth, carcass and efficiency he will have a big future in front of him as he has proven he can do more with less.