Schurr 77 150 8439 Son of...


We purchased Black Cedar for his total performance, maternal heritage and proven efficient outcross lineage. His sire is known for his masculinity, breed character, high docility, large scrotal, high performance and maternal efficiency. He was raised and thrived in a harsh, dry grassland area of Montana. His nice uddered daughters are efficient, fertile and proven productive. Granger Black Cedar adds even more growth and performance from a pathfinder dam and extremely high producing cow family. His stats are BW 84 Adj, WW 821, Gain Ratio 120, 365 Day Wt 1425/119, Scrotal 40.5, REA Ratio 111 and IMF Ratio 108 all while consuming less feed than expected with a zero RFI. Black Cedar is an exciting proven sire that offers outcross genetics for most beef producers.